Is Reference Based Pricing Saving Money?


When the independent think tank finds that on average, prices paid to hospitals by younger, healthier policyholders were 100 percent higher than what Medicare would have paid for the same procedures, it’s easy to understand the impact that payment contracts based on what Medicare pays can have on health plan costs. In contrast to traditional [...]

Is Reference Based Pricing Saving Money?2021-01-14T17:28:22+00:00

Moving Patients Can Be a Win-Win


From hospitals to insurers, you’ve probably heard many say that the goal is to provide the right healthcare, at the right time, in the right place. When it comes to the infusion of high-priced specialty drugs, location can make a huge difference. As an example, the variance in the cost of hospital-administered multiple sclerosis drugs [...]

Moving Patients Can Be a Win-Win2020-02-06T15:40:21+00:00

Value Based Pricing Gaining


While plenty of folks talk about value based, or reference based, pricing as though it’s a fad that has come and gone, we’re finding more interest from employers all the time. This may be because many like to brand it as another form of disruption, but regardless of how you brand it, value based pricing [...]

Value Based Pricing Gaining2018-08-09T07:00:49+00:00

Employees Are Spending More for Health Care, Using Less. Put a Stop to It!


Paying more for less is never a good thing, especially when it comes to employee health care costs. And while many people have become almost numb to this trend, Diversified Group is doing more than ever to help self-funded health plan clients fight back. With cost transparency tools contained in programs such as Pharamasense and [...]

Employees Are Spending More for Health Care, Using Less. Put a Stop to It!2018-01-26T21:17:51+00:00

Self-Funding Keeps Growing


With time running out on an opportunity for Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and open enrollment season approaching, thousands of small and mid-sized businesses are likely bracing for another round of premium increases. A growing number of employers, however, will choose to avoid the uncertainty plaguing traditional group insurance markets by [...]

Self-Funding Keeps Growing2017-11-30T15:55:43+00:00
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