Supporting Employees During These Stressful Times


For many of us, the start of another week means trudging downstairs to a make-shift office, in our sweats, with the dog following close behind. It means balancing 8th grade algebra and 5th grade spelling tests in the middle of Zoom calls and emails to clients. It means a routine that is casual but boring. [...]

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month – Why Your Company Should Care


This article was published on May 4, 2018 on Corporate Fitness & Health’s blog. Photo Credit Corporate Fitness & Health. Given that most of us spend a good amount of our time at work, it should come as no surprise that our work environment plays a significant role in our mental health and overall well-being. Despite [...]

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Student Loans and Standing Desks


Financial wellness, standing desks and other wellness strategies are high on the list of benefits trending upward in 2018. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, a growing number of organizations are offering programs to help employees improve their financial well-being. Some companies are providing debt counseling and help with repayment of student loans. [...]

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Should You Be More Focused on Behavorial Health Benefits?


With estimates showing that one in five Americans suffer from a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety, it’s no wonder that more employers are expanding their traditional wellness programs to include an increased emphasis on behavioral health. This trend may seem surprising since traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) have existed for decades, however [...]

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Have You Defined Your Health Strategy?


When it comes to improving the health and well-being of your employees, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to be super creative or search for that magic bullet that automatically boosts engagement and changes behavior. If only it were that easy! Like any other important business initiative, worksite wellness and health management must [...]

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