Too Many Generics in Waiting


Record numbers of generic drugs that could provide much needed relief for Americans with serious medical conditions are failing to come to market because of litigation and the filing of additional patents by brand-name drug manufacturers. The number of generic approvals has set records during each of the past 3 years. In fact, the FDA [...]

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Why The U.S. Remains The Most Expensive Market For ‘Biologic’ Drugs In The World


This article was published on December 19, 2018 on, written by Sarah Jane Tribble. Photo Source: Europeans have found the secret to making some of the world’s costliest medicines much more affordable, as much as 80 percent cheaper than in the U.S. Governments in Europe have compelled drugmakers to bend on prices and [...]

Why The U.S. Remains The Most Expensive Market For ‘Biologic’ Drugs In The World2018-12-20T12:10:04+00:00

Why Generic Drug Prices Are Rising


According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, industry consolidation and diminishing competition are causing the price of many generic drugs to rise. Experts say this is because only a few manufacturers are producing certain drugs and a number of older generics are being phased out. At the same time, governments are trying to protect [...]

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