As you may be aware, Magellan Rx purchased Partners Rx last year. You will start to see the changes of this merger beginning in January 2015. These changes include: a new logo, a new customer service phone line and new processing information for the pharmacist.

Upon your group’s 2015 renewal, new ID cards will be issued to members with these updates. It is important to know that your Prescription Benefit Manager has NOT changed, and that the current ID card with Partners Rx information will remain active throughout all of 2015. However, once the new Magellan ID cards are issued, members should destroy any old cards and be sure to present their new ID card to their pharmacist.

The Partners Rx member website will start redirecting members to Magellan Rx website January 1, 2015. Members will need to re-register and create a new login and password for the Magellan Rx website.

Remember: Your current ID cards with Partners Rx logo and processing information will continue to work until the end of 2015.

Questions? Contact your Account Executive today at (888) 322-2524.