Diversified Group Named One of CT’s Healthiest Employers by Making Wellness Part of Company Culture


This article was published on September 16, 2019 on Hartford Business written by Wendy Pierman Mitzel. Photo source is Hartford Business Journal. 1st Place | Category: 1,000 or fewer employees Diversified Group Headquarters: Marlborough Industry: Health insurance and benefits administration Top Executive: Brooks T. Goodison, President Diversified Group not only offers its customers a worksite [...]

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How Will You Celebrate National Employee Health & Fitness Day?


Wednesday, May 15th is National Employee Health & Fitness Day and it’s a great opportunity to remind your employees about the importance and benefits of regular exercise! Exercise has been linked to numerous benefits, such as reducing your risk for chronic health issues like heart disease, diabetes, depression and several types of cancer. And yet [...]

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Diversified Group Named One of Connecticut’s Healthiest Employers of 2018


This announcement from the Hartford Business Journal was published on December 3, 2018. Meet CT's healthiest workplaces Hartford Business Journal's first-ever Healthiest Employers Awards recognize organizations dedicated to employee health and safety in addition to their efforts to implement wellness programs. The awards program was done in partnership with the Healthiest Employers Group, which determined the [...]

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Factoring in wellness programs during open enrollment


This article was published on November 5, 2018 on Employee Benefit News, written by Ann Marie O’Brien. This fall, millions of employees are deciding which health plan to select for 2019. They are reviewing and comparing a variety of factors when making this important decision, such as costs, benefits and care provider networks. Another component [...]

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The Changing Definition of Wellness


After decades of preaching to workers about the importance of staying fit and physically healthy, the term worksite wellness is beginning to mean much more to employers and employees alike. Leading companies are expanding their workplace wellness initiatives to address mental health and financial security – key components of their employee’s overall well-being that go [...]

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Soda Tax Moves Ahead


In a prior newsletter, we reported on the City of Philadelphia’s intentions to tax sugary and sweetened drinks. While the beverage industry and retailers sued saying the tax is unconstitutional, a judge recently dismissed the legal effort, clearing the way for the 15 cent per ounce tax to take effect January 1, 2017. While Philadelphia [...]

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Overtime Rules Tough on Small Business


New rules mandated by the Department of Labor could affect many small businesses, driving up labor costs and creating more red tape. These rules, effective on December 1, 2016, raise the salary threshold for eligible workers from $23,660 to $47,476 and to $134,004 for highly compensated employees. This means that salaried workers earning less than [...]

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Zika Virus and Summer Travel


Summer is upon us and with it comes more outdoor activities, more sunscreen and, for some, more travel. What you may not expect summer to bring is the risk of the Zika virus. But, U.S. health officials warn that mosquitos carrying the virus could hit the mainland’s southern borders, starting with Florida and the Gulf [...]

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Game Show Education


Healthcare education is rarely all fun and games, but a new approach might be succeeding at making it just that! They’re being called online education programs – offered to employees as both mobile and online applications. One popular program called “Quizzify” promises to save money, boost morale, improve health and engage employees by making learning [...]

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Drugs Drive Rising Costs


While all treatment costs have risen consistently in the past 2 decades, the pharmaceutical sector has put up some amazing numbers. In 2011 alone, Americans spent an average of $985 per person, approximately twice the amount spent in other developed countries for the same benefit. In 2015, aggregate prescription drug sales in the U.S. totaled [...]

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