Corporate Fitness & Health Offers Summer Screening Special – Call Today!


For a limited time only, Corporate Fitness & Health (CF&H) is offering discounted onsite health screenings! Schedule your screening for anytime from now until August 31, 2016 and receive 20% off per person. Screening Includes: A Non-Fasting Finger Stick Test which includes: Total Cholesterol HDL Cholesterol Risk Ratio Glucose Blood Pressure Check Height Weight BMI Body Fat [...]

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Taking Care of Your Medical Records


While many of us are content to leave our medical records in the hands of our doctors, some patient advocates advise otherwise, saying that this gives doctors too much power over vital information and prevents you from using the information to your own benefit. Serving as your own data warehouse can make it easier to [...]

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Numbers You Should Know


According to some fitness experts, people who make it a habit to avoid their bathroom scale might have the right idea. Well, let’s say a few other health-related numbers may be every bit as important as our weight. Here are a few to track... Calories – A moderately active woman who walks 1.5 to 3 [...]

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Wellness Programs Should Meet Employee Needs First and Foremost


Decades of experience in worksite wellness has taught us that a wellness program is not something an employer can just pull off a shelf. To be successful, a wellness program must be custom designed to meet the needs of employees and your workplace. To help clients achieve the appropriate level of customization, Diversified Group offers [...]

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Supporting Cancer in the Workplace


An article talking about what one company’s cancer support program hit home recently because unfortunately, far too many of us have been impacted by cancer. At this company, oncology nurses are engaged to help families touched by cancer – from helping patients find providers to obtaining second opinions, facilitating transmission of medical records to educating [...]

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Say Goodbye to Commercial-Free Waiting Rooms


If the television in your doctor’s waiting room isn’t yet mixing paid commercials with educational videos, get ready for the fast-growing form of marketing called “point of care” advertising. It’s just one of several ways that technology companies are helping medical device and drug companies reach patients. In addition, tech companies are also beginning to [...]

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Health Risk Assessments Now a Daily Occurrence


Annual comprehensive health assessment events are still very valuable employee engagement tools, with the ability to create “teachable moments” for plan participants and their dependents. Traditional health risk assessments, however, cannot match the dynamic qualities of wearable devices and mobile apps, which now generate and store data about behavioral characteristics such as food consumption, blood [...]

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High Blood Pressure and The Bottom Line


In America today, nearly one in three adults has high blood pressure, with fewer than half having the disease under control. If you’re an employer wondering why you should care, consider these facts: High blood pressure is one of the 10 most expensive conditions impacting U.S. employers. People with high blood pressure miss up to [...]

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Will Mobile Enrollment Become the Standard?


The days when employers worried about workers who lacked a home computer with internet access have come and gone. Today, more employers are concerned with how to enable their workers to make benefit elections on their smart phone or mobile device. It’s not surprising when you realize the speed at which the mobile revolution is [...]

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Which States Are Most Active?


States with the most workout minutes logged per week: California 87.4 Colorado 84.2 Washington 82.0 Oregon 79.5 Arizona 79.0 States with the least minutes per week: Rhode Island 49.9 Hawaii 49.4 South Carolina 49.1 Delaware 48.5 North Dakota 46.3 Clearly this has much to do with climate as well as the environment, access to parks [...]

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