TeleMedicine Continues to Grow


If you haven’t interacted with a doctor by smart phone, email or webcam recently, you’ll be interested to know that the American Telemedicine Association reports that more than 15 million Americans received some kind of medical care remotely last year. For those employed by a large company or living in a major metro area, it [...]

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5 steps to better care at lower costs for your sickest employees


Article as seen in Benefits Pro on October 12, 2016 written by Cindi A. Slater M.D. Open enrollment is upon us and for the majority of employers, that means offering employees a high deductible health plan. It is also the time of year when benefits professionals are most likely to remind employees to shop around [...]

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3 key questions to ask about telehealth benefits


Article as seen in Employee Benefit Adviser on October 11, 2016, written by Stephany Verstraete Today widespread confusion persists regarding what is required to unleash the powerful cost savings potential of a robust telehealth benefit. Articles whitewash the landscape with talk of “average utilization rates,” and “check-the-box” options promising to do it all. The reality [...]

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A Look at Telemedicine and Physician Access


In a world of increased convenience, you can do your taxes online, you can get breaking news online and you can make reservations for your favorite restaurant online. In recent years, healthcare has followed suit with online resources and digital mechanisms to make your well-being easier to track and medical treatment more convenient to access. [...]

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