dgb-telemedicineBy now most have heard of the technology that is said to be ‘shaping the future of healthcare’. Many consider telemedicine, also referred to as telehealth, to be a viable option for care, bringing incredible value to patients by offering both convenience and efficiency. But, maybe you’re not yet convinced. Or, maybe you’re not fully 
certain it’s a strategy your clients or your employees can benefit from or would fully utilize.

At Diversified Group, we believe strongly in telemedicine. And, here’s why… In an industry that continues to shift towards value-based 
care, telemedicine can improve access to care while reducing costs. How can it be so simple? Because, telemedicine and electronic communications are changing the way patients can be treated – letting plan members connect with a doctor via smartphone, tablet or smart TV 
to obtain a diagnosis, determine a treatment plan or get a prescription without having to leave their home or office. And, when using these over the phone or face-to-face video visits as a first point of contact they can substitute lengthy trips to the physician’s office, prevent trips to the ER and avoid costly health claims.

Taking it one step further, thanks to mobile apps, more and more patients are able to use telemedicine to stay proactive and healthy by monitoring vital signs and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with tools such as personalized wellness coaching – all of which ultimately keep consumers out of primary care facilities, doctor’s offices and the ER. It really is that simple.

Not everyone may be convinced of the benefits that telemedicine can offer to employer groups and plan members. 
But one thing is for certain – this is not just a short-lived trend. With increasing actions being taken to legitimize 
telemedicine, we continue to recommend and offer solutions such as RealTimeTelemed (powered by HealthiestYou) 
and TelaDoc, which offer plan members consumer-empowering tools, including 24/7/365 access to a network of doctors and prescription drug cost comparison tools.

For 50 years, Diversified Group has worked closely with clients to meet their health insurance needs. We have the 
experience to know the importance of thinking through the potential impact of cost control measures, including 
telemedicine and easier provider access. And, because we strive to explore any and all possibilities to provide quality, affordable healthcare plans, we can help you determine what is best for your covered group. Contact us today!

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