More Value-Based Payments


According to a public-private partnership launched by HHS, the percentage of U.S. healthcare payments tied to value-based care rose to 34% in 2017, a 23% increase since 2015. Fee-for-service Medicare data and data from 61 health plans and 3 fee-for-service Medicaid states with spending tied to shared savings, shared risk, population-based payments and bundled payments [...]

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Value Based Pricing Gaining


While plenty of folks talk about value based, or reference based, pricing as though it’s a fad that has come and gone, we’re finding more interest from employers all the time. This may be because many like to brand it as another form of disruption, but regardless of how you brand it, value based pricing [...]

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Is Value Based Pricing Here to Stay?


With More Families Forced to Choose Between Healthcare & Housing, It May Be the Future As a TPA, employer groups count on us to make their health benefits work. While that sounds easy enough, it can be anything but easy when ordinary working families face hospital bills they can’t handle. One couple recently found themselves [...]

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Reference-based pricing: where do carriers go from here?


This article was published May 10, 2018 on, written by Alex Tolbert. Photo Source: BenefitsPro Back in 2015, the big topic in health care was insurance company consolidation. This was the year Anthem announced plans to acquire Cigna, and Aetna put out a bid for Humana. Mergers across four of the country’s [...]

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