Mental Health Days


As more workers struggle with stress in and out of the workplace, some are requesting time off in order to cope. This is not a problem for companies with sick-day policies that allow employees to use their paid personal days for any reason. In other workplaces, people who are honest about asking for a mental [...]

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Student Loan Solutions


With student loan debt topping the list of concerns for so many young workers, more and more employers are looking for ways to help. While several large employers are doing things to help them reduce principal and save on interest, one large employer is allowing employees to trade up to 5 vacation days for a [...]

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Group Exercise is Big


The College of Sports Medicine, in ranking fitness trends for 2019, concluded that millennials enjoy being part of a community that will cheer them on when they do a good job and perhaps push them a bit harder when they don’t. Other popular fitness trends include wearable technology, high intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga and [...]

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How Will You Celebrate National Employee Health & Fitness Day?


Wednesday, May 15th is National Employee Health & Fitness Day and it’s a great opportunity to remind your employees about the importance and benefits of regular exercise! Exercise has been linked to numerous benefits, such as reducing your risk for chronic health issues like heart disease, diabetes, depression and several types of cancer. And yet [...]

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Get Set to Run & Join Us in Supporting Camphill Village on May 18th


Diversified is proud to sponsor the Camphill Village 5K Trail & Fun Run coming up on Saturday, May 18th! If you’d like to participate, there are three running options that allow people of all abilities to join from virtually anywhere! Sign up to run from home or anywhere; just be sure to take to Facebook [...]

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DOL’s Recent Clarification Surrounding FMLA


The Department of Labor (DOL) on occasion will issue opinion letters to clarify employer’s obligations under various federal employment laws. These DOL opinion letters help employers to understand their obligations and can be relied upon to establish a “good faith” defense against certain federal claims. On March 14, 2019, the DOL issued an opinion letter regarding [...]

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Tracking Sleep


In order to address a sleep shortage that is hurting productivity for U.S. businesses, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has introduced an online wellness program to help employees track the quantity and quality of their sleep. Employees log their time online or upload data from a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit. With the [...]

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Apple Watch & Joint Replacement


Technology giant Apple reported recently that thousands of hip and knee replacement patients are using Apple Watches and a new health app, MyMobility from Zimmer Biomet, to share health data with their surgeons during treatment and recovery. The app is being used to provide physicians with data about the patient’s heart rate, number of steps [...]

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Younger generations driving lifestyle benefits


This article was published on February 25, 2019 on Employee Benefit Adviser written by Kayla Webster. Younger generations are often characterized as entitled and demanding — but that self-confidence in their work is pushing companies to adopt benefits outside the traditional healthcare and retirement packages. By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the U.S. [...]

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How Is Your Health Plan Responding to Millennials?


You might be surprised to hear that millennials represent one third of the American workforce, but Pew Research Center confirms it. If your health benefit plan hasn’t adapted to the needs and lifestyles of these young people, you’re missing an opportunity to boost retention, build loyalty and enhance wellness. For starters, it’s important to realize [...]

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