Financial Literacy Required


A recent article described a high school student who was inspired to attend a local community college for two years before transferring to a 4-year state university rather than attending the state university immediately after graduation. His decision resulted from taking a financial literacy class at his high school, which made him realize that his [...]

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Bundled Payments for “Baby Bundles”


Another major insurance carrier has cooperated with selected healthcare providers in two states to introduce a bundled payment program for maternity care. Like bundled payment programs used by Medicare and commercial carriers for total joint replacement, the bundled maternity program reimburses the care provider for an entire episode of care, including prenatal, delivery and postpartum [...]

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Can Chronic Disease Management Really Work?


With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projecting that 83 million people will soon have three or more chronic diseases, the number of employers working to manage chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease is staggering. Not only do the average medical costs for a diabetic exceed $16,000 per year, [...]

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Protecting Member’s Health Data


The sensitive nature of information shared with payers and providers makes health plan members prime targets for identify theft. While no legislation is currently moving through Congress, a number of senators are taking steps to learn more about recent breaches of healthcare data involving collection agencies and diagnostics firms. While some employers are taking very [...]

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Diversified Group Named One of CT’s Healthiest Employers by Making Wellness Part of Company Culture


This article was published on September 16, 2019 on Hartford Business written by Wendy Pierman Mitzel. Photo source is Hartford Business Journal. 1st Place | Category: 1,000 or fewer employees Diversified Group Headquarters: Marlborough Industry: Health insurance and benefits administration Top Executive: Brooks T. Goodison, President Diversified Group not only offers its customers a worksite [...]

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Support for Caregivers


According to a new Harvard University study, 73% of employees surveyed are caring for a child, parent or friend. More importantly, 80% of those admit that caregiving has had a negative impact on their productivity at work and kept them from doing their best work. Employers are beginning to take a more proactive role in [...]

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Walmart Woos High-Schoolers


A recent announcement stated that by year end, Walmart will triple the number of employees taking advantage of company-provided tuition benefits. With 25,000 high school students among their 1.3 million U.S. employees, the company expects to help many avoid the hefty cost of higher education. Disney, Discover and MGM Resorts International are just a few [...]

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Mental Health Days


As more workers struggle with stress in and out of the workplace, some are requesting time off in order to cope. This is not a problem for companies with sick-day policies that allow employees to use their paid personal days for any reason. In other workplaces, people who are honest about asking for a mental [...]

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Student Loan Solutions


With student loan debt topping the list of concerns for so many young workers, more and more employers are looking for ways to help. While several large employers are doing things to help them reduce principal and save on interest, one large employer is allowing employees to trade up to 5 vacation days for a [...]

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Group Exercise is Big


The College of Sports Medicine, in ranking fitness trends for 2019, concluded that millennials enjoy being part of a community that will cheer them on when they do a good job and perhaps push them a bit harder when they don’t. Other popular fitness trends include wearable technology, high intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga and [...]

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