A Time for Leadership


There are many concerns that cause top executives to lose sleep, but the events of the past couple months have tested business owners and decision makers in ways that can only be described as unprecedented. The uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus coupled with a burning desire to get back to business have created an increasingly dynamic [...]

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Building a Remote Workforce


In mid-March when Discover Financial Services made the decision to put safety first, it meant quickly devising a plan to move 8,000 call center agents from their cubicles in 4 different regional facilities to their homes. Infrastructure services and customer service teams worked 24/7 to develop work-from-home kits consisting of monitors, keyboards and cables, then [...]

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How COVID-19 Is Transmitted


According to the CDC, the Coronavirus is thought to spread mainly through being close enough to an infected person to be touched by respiratory droplets discharged by coughing, sneezing or talking. These droplets can land in the mouth or nose or be inhaled into the lungs. Physicians suggest the virus can spread very easily between [...]

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No-Deductible COVID-19 Care


Uninsured people needing medical treatment for the coronavirus will be able to get that treatment without concerns about out-of-pocket costs or unexpected charges. Thanks to the federal stimulus package passed by Congress in early April, hospitals and healthcare providers that treat these folks will be paid for unreimbursed care at current Medicare rates. While the [...]

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Financial Wellness Growing


MetLife recently released a report showing that an increasing number of employers believe that personal finance has become the main source of stress for their employees. Lack of an emergency fund, student loan repayment and a need for advice top the list of concerns... and this was prior to the Coronavirus crisis. Knowing that no [...]

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Family Leave Programs Expanding


Even though Labor Department reports show that fewer than 15% of private sector employees are covered by paid leave programs, more states are looking for ways to help employees cope with the difficulties of caring for family members of all ages. In addition to California, New Jersey and Rhode Island that have had programs in place for a long time, [...]

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Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Employees and Plan Participants


This blog was published on April 3, 2020 International's Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans Blog, written by Robbie Hartman, CEBS. Photo source: blog.ifebp.org. In rapid time, the coronavirus has upended the benefit industry’s way of work. Most offices stand empty or operate with a skeleton crew, as employees and plan participants keep their distance and work [...]

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Prescription Drugs from Vending Machines


If Florida House Bill HB59 becomes law, Floridians will be able to use video conferencing technology to speak with a pharmacist and obtain prescription drugs dispensed by automated pharmacy systems or vending machines. The systems, manufactured by Canadian company MedAvail, are currently in use in hospitals located in Jacksonville and Miami, Florida. [...]

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COVID-19 Helpful Tip: Who Pays for COVID-19 Testing?


To Our Valued Clients:  We recognize that there is plenty of uncertainty right now unfolding around the situation we find ourselves in with the introduction of COVID-19. At Diversified, our aim is to add some clarity surrounding your medical plan by reviewing the trending topics of the calls coming into our member services department. Question #2:  Who [...]

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More Seniors Working


According to a new Harris pole conducted for TD Ameritrade, more than half of Americans age 40 and older plan to continue working after they retire. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York adds that the number of workers 55 and older has been rising since 2000. While the percentages dropped for older workers, [...]

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