SIMPLIFIED Health Plans for Groups of 25 to 150

Are you tired of being asked to complete medical questionnaires or provide claims experience that is increasingly difficult to get from insurance companies in order to get a competitive quote?

We Have a Solution!

SIMPLIFIED gives you a choice of Level Funding with Reference Based Pricing or Cigna PPO as well as plan design options, potential for savings and support from Diversified Group for enrollment, claims and customer service.

1. Enjoy a Fixed Monthly Budget

 Administrative costs, stop loss and claims, all in one fixed monthly payment
 Stop loss protects the plan against catastrophic specific and aggregate claims
 If claims are below estimated funding at year end, the plan retains 100% of the savings

2. Then Choose Between…

It’s Easy to Apply

Simply download and complete the 3 items below to apply and receive a quote in 3 to 5 business days. Firm rates are available 60 to 90 days out.


Self-insured health benefit plans offer greater flexibility and an opportunity for savings.


Specialty drugs represent a growing percentage of total drug spending. Pharmasense fights these escalating costs.


We address questions that are going unasked or unanswered and discuss the trends and issues having the most impact on employee benefits.