The New Year’s Resolution You Should Keep: Managing Your Healthcare Costs


The article below was published on January 3, 2018 by DigitalDealer, written by Contributing Writer Steve Kelly. Photo Source: DigitalDealer We came across this article written by Steve Kelly, co-founder and CEO of ELAP Services. It discusses one common theme that all of us at Diversified Group hear more and more from not [...]

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Responding to Growing Demand for Transparency


Experts agree that a lack of true price transparency has contributed significantly to the inefficiency in healthcare. Several websites compare the costs for certain procedures at varying hospitals, but it’s still very difficult, if not impossible, to make an informed choice when preparing for a non-emergency procedure. As a result, most people still go to [...]

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Montana Adopts Reference Based Pricing Strategies


Article as seen on July 15th, 2016 in Montana adopts reference based pricing model for state employees. Will other states follow? Montana says health plan contracts will save $25 million From Tribune reports 3:27 p.m. MDT July 8, 2016 Montana will save more than $25 million by the end of 2018 through changes to [...]

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Interest in Reference-Based Pricing Grows


Reference-based pricing (RFB) strategies are increasing in popularity as employers seek more affordable options for their health benefit plans. Although PPO networks and their negotiated discount agreements have been in place for decades, they provide very little transparency to the true costs of services provided. How can an employer control health care costs when the [...]

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