Moving Patients Can Be a Win-Win


From hospitals to insurers, you’ve probably heard many say that the goal is to provide the right healthcare, at the right time, in the right place. When it comes to the infusion of high-priced specialty drugs, location can make a huge difference. As an example, the variance in the cost of hospital-administered multiple sclerosis drugs [...]

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Communicate Better. Benefit More.


Communication and helping plan members get the most out of their health plan should be an all year round endeavor. Surveys continue to indicate that even highly educated employees describe benefits, insurance and the enrollment process as “very confusing.” Consider academic research by the Commonwealth Fund and a recent study by Accenture. While one points [...]

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Physicians Push to Ease Pre-Authorization


Doctors representing several Physician associations recently appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives to encourage legislators to streamline the prior authorization process which they say is out of control. A spokesperson representing the American Academy of Family Physicians said that a process initially implemented to prevent unnecessary and extremely costly treatment has led to physician [...]

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For Her Head Cold, Insurer Coughed Up $25,865


When Alexa Kasdan's sore throat lingered for more than a week, she went to her doctor. The doctor sent her throat swab and blood draw to an out-of-network lab for sophisticated DNA tests, resulting in a $28,395.50 bill. (Shelby Knowles for Kaiser Health News). This article was published on December 23, 2019 on NPR, written [...]

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Hospital Errors Rose 7% In 2018


This article was published on December 18, 2019 on Connecticut Health I-Team, written by Cara Rosner. Photo Source: Connecticut Health I-Team. The number of “adverse events” occurring at Connecticut hospitals rose 7% in 2018, compared with the previous year, with a growing number of patients suffering serious injury or death associated with falls, according to [...]

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Older Workers and Medicare


It’s doubtful that many technology companies are concerned about employees nearing age 65. Other employers, however, may want to brush up on Medicare eligibility in order to help older workers understand their options and avoid any potential gap in coverage. Here are just a few Medicare-related concerns: For employees who will lose access to employer-sponsored [...]

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Where the Frauds Are All Legal


This article was published on December 7, 2019 on The New York Times, written by Elisabeth Rosenthal. Photo Source: New York Times and Woody Harrington. Welcome to the weird world of medical billing. Much of what we accept as legal in medical billing would be regarded as fraud in any other sector. I have been [...]

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Executive Order Aims to Improve Price Transparency


In late June, President Trump signed an executive order directing HHS to develop rules requiring hospitals to publish clear and understandable pricing that reflects what people will actually pay for services. HHS Secretary Alex Azar added that the order should also make certain that providers and insurers provide patients with information about potential out-of-pocket costs [...]

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