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Welcome to Diversified Group

The Diversified Group is your solution to health benefits.

As your employee benefits administration partner, we will do all we can to design, manage and administer a customized benefit plan that everyone can feel good about. Your company will have the documentation and guidance you need to control plan expenses and generate potential savings; while your plan members will have financial protection, information they can understand, and a clear pathway to wellness and quality care.

Our History

The Diversified Group was built on the premise that self-funded plans are the most cost effective and transparent health insurance option for most companies across the country. We have been administering self-insured health plans for 50 years. Our experience as a third party administrator allows us to provide comprehensive and cost effective approaches to healthcare. The Diversified Group family of companies is passionate about healthcare benefits, cost control and customer service.

Diversified Group Family of Companies:


Diversified Group Brokerage (DGB)

  • Stop Loss Brokerage
  • Plan Design Advisors

Corporate Managed Health Services (CMHS)

  • Case Management
  • Pharmasense

Diversified Administration Corporation (DAC)

  • Claim Payment and Adjudication
  • Customer Service

Corporate Fitness & Health (CF&H)

  • Worksite Wellness
  • Health Promotion


1967  Diversified Group Brokerage (DGB) 1992  Corporate Managed Health Services (CMHS)
1969  Diversified Administration Corp (DAC) 2001  Pharmasense
1974  ERISA 2005  Healthsense
1984  Corporate Fitness & Health (CF&H) 2013  Diversified Group


For more information on the Diversified Group family of companies, please visit our Services Page or contact your Diversified Group Representative.

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