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Worksite Wellness

Powerful Cost Control Benefits with HealthSense

HealthSense combines and integrates Worksite Wellness, Health Promotion, Disease Management and Case Management to identify and manage all the participants and employees on your plan. We help you keep the healthy individuals healthy, manage the members most likely to incur the greatest healthcare costs in the future and monitor members with on-going conditions. With Worksite Wellness programs from Diversified Group, the goal is to not only reduce, but to prevent, the escalation of healthcare costs.

Integrated Health and Medical Management


HealthSense provides a high dollar return because it creates the potential for all employees to drive future medical savings.

Case Study:

Glen was a 42 year old manufacturing worker at the ABC company. During his annual health screening he discovered that his blood pressure and glucose were elevated. The health professional at the screening convinced Glen to go for his annual physical, which he hadn't had in 5 years. A week later the health professional called Glen to follow up and Glen revealed that the doctor had diagnosed him with Type II diabetes. The health professional then referred Glen to a Diabetes Educator within the HealthSense program to help Glen manage his newly diagnosed diabetes. Two years after the initial diagnosis Glen stopped going to the doctor for his blood tests and stopped taking his medication. The HealthSense program recognized Glen's non-compliance and contacted him just to check up. Glen refused any help and chose to disregard the HealthSense recommendations. A year later Glen suffered a minor Heart Attack. HealthSense was able to manage Glen's medical care in order to ensure proper care and that appropriate charges were billed. After Glen's heart attack he was again contacted by the HealthSense program and invited to participate in a Health Coaching and Management program. Glen is now managing his diabetes successfully and thanks to the HealthSense program, Glen has improved all aspects of his health.

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