TPAs vs. ASOs –

The Differences Matter!

When you consider a Self-Funded Employee Health Benefit Plan, consider an independent Third Party Administrator (TPA) – they just may be the Trusted Plan Advisor that your orginization and your employees need.

Inside this free whitepaper:

Learn the key differences between an independent TPA and an ASO division (wholly-owned subsidiary) of national health plans.

As an independent TPA, Diversified Group can help identify the driving factors and potential risks associated with your self-funding options to ensure the right fit for your organization.

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Diversified Group Brokerage
Specializing in Self-Funded Health Benefits for more than 50 years.
Diversified Administration Corporation
Responsible for eligibility, claims adjudication, payments & customer service.
Corporate Managed Health Services
Saving you time & money while ensuring that members receive quality care.
Corporate Health & Fitness
Helping you foster a culture by making employee health an investment.