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Telemedicine - The Future of Healthcare Delivery

Telemedicine, also referred to as telehealth, is rapidly becoming an incredibly viable option for care. In fact, in a recent Harris Poll, 64% of adults said they would be willing to conduct doctor visits by video. There's great value in the convenience and efficiency it can bring to patients on a day-to-day basis. And, it empowers consumers by placing control in their hands.

The U.S. telemedicine market is expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2018.

Telemedicine presents many advantages – offering plan members 24/7 access to care from home, at work or whenever they need it, while offering self-funded employers savings and the potential to improve the productivity and satisfaction of their employees.

Arguably the most groundbreaking telemedicine service is the use of technology as a substitute to the physician’s office, where patients can connect with a doctor via smartphone, tablet or smart TV to obtain a diagnosis, determine a treatment plan or get a prescription without having to leave their home or office. Ultimately, this sort of access can keep consumers out of primary care facilities, doctor’s offices and the ER – avoiding costly health claims.

The cost of a telemedicine call is typically $40 compared with $125 for a traditional office visit.

At Diversified Group, we see the benefits of telemedicine and we know that it's on track to be a mainstream employee health benefit. That's why we offer telemedicine solutions such as TelaDoc and RealTimeTelemed.

Diversified Group works closely with clients to provide quality, affordable healthcare plans. We have the experience you can trust to explore all potential cost control measures, including telemedicine. Contact us to learn more today!

  • TelaDoc


    A telehealth solution that provides 24/7/365 access to a network of physicians, behavioral health specialists and other clinical specialties by video and phone.

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  • RealTimeTelemed


    Powered by HealthiestYou, this telemedicine solution offers 24/7/365 access to a network of doctors as well as a prescription drug cost comparison tool.

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