Stop-Loss Insurance Experts


To help self-funded health plans limit liability on catastrophic or high-cost claims, Diversified Group helps the plan secure Medical Stop Loss insurance. This protects individual plan members and the entire covered population against higher-than-expected healthcare costs.

Types of Stop Loss Insurance:

Specific Stop Loss

  • Specific Stop Loss protects the plan against catastrophic claims for any individual during a policy year.
  • The employer funds claims up to the pre-determined stop loss amount, with specific stop loss coverage paying any claims above that.

Aggregate Stop Loss

  • Through risk analysis, Diversified Group determines the maximum amount of claims the plan can afford for the entire covered group.
  • When the annual claim maximum exceeds the predetermined level, Aggregate Stop Loss coverage reimburses the plan for claims exceeding that level during the policy term.

Ongoing Support

With 50+ years of experience, Diversified Group takes the complexity out of Stop-Loss insurance. First, we work to obtain a Stop-Loss Contract consistent with your plan design and risk tolerance. Then our claims administration professionals process and pay claims in compliance with the terms of the contract and your plan document.

Downloadable: Free Stop-Loss Chart!


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