Self-Funding Works…

Discover the Benefits of Self-Funding

As Health Care Reform drives health plan costs higher, the value of self-insured plans continues to grow. Self-funding provides the freedom to customize your plan to fit the needs of your company and your employees, resulting in happier people and a healthier bottom line for your organization.

This Video Will Help You:

  • Learn the advantages of self-insured health benefit plans in under 2 minutes
  • Understand how self-funding works
  • See the difference between a fully-insured plan and a self-insured plan

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Diversified Group Brokerage
Specializing in Self-Funded Health Benefits for more than 50 years.
Diversified Administration Corporation
Responsible for eligibility, claims adjudication, payments & customer service.
Corporate Managed Health Services
Saving you time & money while ensuring that members receive quality care.
Corporate Health & Fitness
Helping you foster a culture by making employee health an investment.