Self-Funded Rx Drug Benefits


Diversified Group partners with an Rx Consultant, which allows us to provide expert counsel, support and consulting in the areas of Pharmacy Benefits Program Operation and Management and Strategic Analysis for our self-funded clients.

Benefits of Our Partnership Include:

  • Cost control – We help your Pharmacy Benefits Program stay within budget without sacrificing quality or services.

  • Plan design – We manage your Pharmacy Benefit plan design from concept to completion, creating a program that fits your members’ needs and corporate budget.

  • Financial modeling – Using the latest software and technology, a scale model is created of your benefit plan costs, providing a road map to financial security and cost efficiency.

  • Clinical services – From physician education programs to the development of a list of preferred products, our clinical services ensure that members of the medical community are kept informed of the most effective medications and treatments your investments can buy.

  • Data analysis – Every month, companies generate reports and spreadsheets of data that is supposed to enhance understanding of their current financial state, but these reports are useless unless they are analyzed and acted upon. We evaluate your reports, generating cost/benefit analyses and easily understood performance reports that paint an accurate financial picture of your organization’s health care and prescription costs.


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