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Diversified Group Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Since 1967, the Diversified Group has been the industry pioneer in discovering and creating innovative solutions to evolving healthcare demands. The balance between quality benefits and affordability is difficult; which is why we believe that clients should only pay for the claims actually incurred. As a result, we eliminate the high premiums of fully-insured benefits and provide detailed accountability for how every healthcare dollar is spent. We believe that first names and handshakes are the basis of any business relationship and our tenured staff operates as a stable foundation of experts that become trusted associates. Our employees are empowered to explore personal talents and interests to further promote the pioneering and innovative business model we encourage.

Our Vision

As experts in the insurance industry, we must work diligently as an advocate for our healthcare plans, their sponsors and beneficiaries. It is our responsibility to help keep health plans affordable without sacrificing quality. We believe that empowered consumers (beneficiaries) armed with knowledge and tools of health and wellness is the best sustainable model for ensuring both affordability and quality in healthcare. We have developed the knowledge and “in-house” capabilities to manage every aspect of not only your healthcare plan and insurance needs, but proactive ways of managing costs through worksite health and wellness promotion, case management, pre-certification, and disease management. Our comprehensive programs provide an assurance that we are exhausting all avenues to keep your healthcare costs as low as possible and your company’s productivity and performance high. We strive to stay ahead of the healthcare curve and will continue to explore any and all possibilities to provide quality and affordable healthcare plans for everyone.


For more information on the Diversified Group Family of Companies, please visit our Services Page or contact your Diversified Group Representative.