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Who Owns Your Claims Data?

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure!

With a self-funded healthcare plan and a good, independent TPA, access to claims data is standard operating procedure. Even more important, a good TPA like Diversified Group has the expertise to convert your data into intelligent, actionable strategies to manage your plan, monitor performance and modify plan design to control costs.

In contrast, employers with fully insured health plans seldom see their claims data. Even self-funded plans managed by large carrier-owned ASO divisions are often unable to receive claims data on a regular basis.

Analyzing claims data with state-of-the-art tools helps identify, analyze and manage potentially high dollar claims. This capability alone saves many of our clients more than 20% annually. Hospital stays can be monitored, claim costs can be unbundled to detect fraud and abuse and discounts can be negotiated without compromising the quality of care received. Even the rising cost of specialty (bio-tech) pharmaceuticals can be managed when risks are identified early on.

If you’re not receiving claims data and analysis, you're operating in the dark and it's time you had a conversation with your broker or TPA. After self-funding your health plan, we consider analyzing claims data to be "Cost Control 101"!

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