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Can Your Plan Recover Money It Wasn’t Responsible for Paying?

That’s What Subrogation and Reimbursement Are All About

When a plan member requires medical treatment following an injury or accident, their health plan is almost always the first line of defense. In some instances, however, the responsibility for medical treatment should really lie with another insurance plan, such as the member’s auto policy or workers compensation coverage.

In most cases, the health plan pays the claim and has the option to use subrogation to recover the funds from another insurance company. In other instances where a third party may have been responsible for the injury or accident, it may be necessary for the health plan beneficiary to seek compensation from the third party’s insurance carrier. This process, known as reimbursement, will require that the responsible third party pay for the damage they caused, including the plan member’s medical treatment.

Serving the Plan’s Best Interests

Diversified Group helps self-funded clients use these tools to make sure their plan only pays health claims it is responsible for paying. While some employers are hesitant to use subrogation and reimbursement, plan sponsors have a fiduciary duty to ensure prudent management of plan assets. And while there are costs associated with these activities, the funds recovered will help cover future claim costs incurred by all plan beneficiaries. To learn more about subrogation, reimbursement and other matters related to fiduciary responsibility, talk to Diversified Group today.

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