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Healthcare Cost Transparency at Your Fingertips!

Today, healthcare costs can vary dramatically in price and quality. With RealTimeChoices, Diversified Group helps employer groups make better healthcare decisions. Plan members can shop for and identify a fair price for the healthcare services they need.

Wake-Up Call Saves Health Plan Over $3,000
When a plan member was referred recently to a New York area physician for a sleep study, she took it upon herself to compare costs at other facilities. Her research quickly showed that the provider's price of $4,302 was much higher than the "fair" price of $1,300 available at another facility in her area. By using RealTimeChoices to access the Healthcare Bluebook, the member not only found a high quality local provider to conduct the sleep study, but saved $3,002 in the process!

RealTimeChoices lets you search for common services or procedures, see price ranges in your local area and find doctors and other providers that offer fair pricing. Quality ratings and patient reviews are also available.

The information is delivered directly to your via website or mobile app. Your care should be your choice and RealTimeChoices "traffic light" graphics guide you easily through the decision making process.

See How RealTimeChoices Can Help You

Watch this brief video demonstration and see how RealTimeChoices puts healthcare cost transparency at your fingertips.

Now, you have choices. For more information, simply fill out the contact form or contact a Diversified Group Sales Representative at 888-322-2524 today.