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Plan Design

Diversified Group Brokerage (DGB) specializes in self-funded health plans. For 50 years, DGB has worked closely with each of our clients to consider their health insurance needs. We evaluate the marketplace and create the best plan – one that manages risk, provides affordable benefits and gives the company and its employees more choices. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients by constantly monitoring their health plan usage, keeping a careful watch on cost controls, and planning for future needs. DGB is far more than just a claims payor; we are a Health Plan resource for our clients – and their trusted advisors.

Let’s Find Your Solution 

It’s our belief that employers should pay only for the claims they incur – instead of paying into a traditional “use it or lose it” fully-insured plan. We contend that there is no equity in fully-insured plans and that self-funding is a desirable option for a growing number of employers across the country. In fact, 67% of employers, unions and trusts currently operate self-funded health plans.

In today’s environment, you can’t afford to play defense with your health plan. While self-funding offers significant cost savings, DGB takes this concept a step further by ensuring that programs are customized and effective for each employer. We work as a strategic partner to develop a long-term, comprehensive health plan that evolves as your risk level, use, or needs change. We are able to make ongoing, educated, empirically based decisions about how to structure the employee health plan around its members.

To keep costs down, we offer numerous national and regional PPO networks for clients. This is especially important for clients with several employee locations. This level of flexibility helps us provide meaningful service that meets a variety of needs.

The Diversified Group Family of Companies performs all of our services in-house, giving you total control of your health plan.

Corporate Fitness & Health (CF&H)

Helps you create worksite wellness offerings that combine with ongoing, informative promotion programs to keep your employees and plan members healthy and encourage them to make smarter choices in their everyday lives.


Administers your plan Provides prompt, efficient claim payment and adjudication services supported by an experienced customer service team to keep plan members informed and respond to any questions or concerns.


Provides case management services that ensure your high risk and chronically ill members are receiving the most appropriate and effective care. Pharmasense delivers high quality pharmacy benefits management and guides plan members to the most effective and cost-efficient prescriptions.


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