Darlene Burlingham

Manager of Administration/Claims

Get to Know Darlene

Darlene first joined Diversified in 1991 in the role of Clerical Support. Since then she’s held the positions of Dental Adjuster, Medical Adjuster and Claims Auditor. Today, she is Claims Manager with Diversified Administration Corporation.

In recent years, Darlene feels that third party administrators have really been able to allow self-funded clients to have the opportunity to customize employee benefits and really try to help organizations control rising costs. At the same time, TPA’s have played a key role in assisting clients to comply with ongoing healthcare reform laws.

Working with an independent TPA, such as Diversified Group, has been vital in helping plan members and clients deal with the challenges of higher deductibles and plan contributions, soaring healthcare and pharmacy costs and the fact that we are lacking in mandates and cost controls for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

“In order for positive change to occur for all, I feel there should be more regulation on what hospitals, pharmacies and providers can charge. There must be more than just a mandate on what plans must cover.”

Darlene believes Diversified Group has been able to become a true partner in helping clients navigate through healthcare reform laws and provide unique plan designs that make it easier for them to control rising medical and pharmacy charges.

With Diversified Administration Corporation’s assistance, our clients are more informed. Members have more options and better benefits.

▪ High School Graduate

Professional Background
▪ Joined Diversified Group in 1991

Darlene enjoys gardening, walking and spending time with her family. She also enjoys working with local charities, including Marlborough Food Bank, to assist others who are less fortunate. Darlene enjoys going to the beach and has taken several trips to Caribbean Islands such as the Bahamas, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Darlene enjoys baseball and auto racing and is a New York Mets fan.



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