Customized Reporting

Data Analysis

Our data analysis and custom reporting provides analysis of health benefit plan performance with the ability to analyze and benchmark claim data on demand while comparing diagnoses, procedure costs and utilization patterns. This tool allows us to help employers and their advisors easily and quickly access current plan information to analyze, monitor and forecast plan costs.

Key Features:

  • Analyze utilization trends

  • Review claim payment details
  • Compare benchmark data
  • Create ad hoc management reporting
  • Customize data exports

Product Functionality:

  • Health plan utilization and cost analysis by provider, procedure or diagnosis

  • Health expenditures for specified time period, by company or department

  • Graphical summaries of expenditures, discounts and cost sharing

  • Comparison to benchmark data by industry, location and size

  • Identification of costs/utilization resulting from preventable medical conditions

  • Summary-level trend analysis by diagnosis groups and employee age groups

  • Graphical and data analysis tools for managing high claimant situations

  • Flexible data query by user defined date ranges


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