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As the largest independent TPA in the northeast, Diversified Group is one of the organizations leading the charge to provide low risk, high quality affordable health plans. Since 2014, we have helped over 75 new groups adopt self-funded strategies. For 50 years, we have worked with employers and brokers to design, manage and administer benefit plans that deliver significant results:

  • Our clients and their plan members are happy, with retention averaging 10+ years
  • In 2015, we saved our clients over $270 million dollars
  • Over the last 5 years, we’ve saved over $1.3 billion dollars for our clients

Get you what you need without sacrificing what’s important:

  • Managed risk that can give you LESS financial exposure, while maximizing potential plan savings
  • Ready access to high quality local and brand name national provider networks
  • Customized healthcare coverage that addresses the unique needs of your employees
  • Effective analysis of current plan costs and strategies that address outliers to reduce expense
  • Programs that encourage wellness while caring for those with serious and chronic conditions

Employers are sick to death of writing ever-larger checks to major insurers who are unable or unwilling to provide the data needed to manage plan costs. As a result, more organizations are looking to change this dynamic through the power of self-insurance

Partial self-funding is the best kept secret in healthcare. You CAN get a low risk, high quality health plan with significant benefits to both your employees and your bottom line, you just can’t get it from the fully-insured plans offered by the major insurance companies.

Fully-insured health plans offered by major carriers are expensive AND restrictive. By adopting a partial self-funding strategy, you can actually control costs and create an opportunity for savings. You'll be happy. Your employees will be happy. Everyone will save money.

For more information, or to obtain a comparison, contact a Diversified Group Sales Representative at 888-322-2524 today.

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