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Corporate Fitness & Health

Corporate Fitness & Health (CF&H) is our wellness consulting and services company, operating since 1985. We believe that worksite wellness is more than just adding “another benefit” to your benefits package; it is a process of composing a workplace culture where employee health becomes an investment. A carefully crafted wellness program develops a vision and a purposeful objective of improving a company’s overall health and productivity.

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Your Solution to Worksite Wellness

According to Harvard researchers' meta-analysis, properly designed and administered wellness programs have been shown to elicit $3.27 in medical savings for every dollar invested and $2.73 in productivity savings for every dollar invested. It is important to remember there is no magic solution to creating a wellness program. It is a process of evolving a workplace culture where health is an important factor for employees and the organization as a whole.

Source: Balcker, Katherine, David Cutler, and Zirul Song. 2010. Workplace wellness programs can generate savings. Health Affairs 29(2): 304-311.

In our 30+ years of experience designing, developing and maintaining wellness programs we have recognized that you can’t just “bring” wellness to an organization. We assist clients in nurturing and cultivating a wellness program from within the organization so that a culture of health can develop. It is critical that CF&H develop a relationship with each client, lay the foundation for program success and develop a multi-year plan for improving your company health and productivity.

A tailored wellness program is the most effective and may include a portion or all of the following:

  • Wellness Consulting
  • Health Risk Appraisal
  • Aggregate Company Health Reports
  • Personal Health Reports
  • Incentive Design
  • Health Education Campaigns
  • On-Site Health Screenings
  • Health Education Workshops
  • Personal Health Coaching
  • Health Mailings & Newsletters
  • On-Line Wellness Center
  • Benefits Integration – Disease Management, Wellness, Health Plan, etc…

Corporate Fitness & Health offers a variety of wellness program options that allow you to implement a program that best fits your needs. View the attached to learn more about these options by clicking here.

With our clients continually receiving national recognition for their wellness programs, CF&H has a proven record of quality. Contact us to speak with a wellness consultant to build a wellness program and improve health and productivity.

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