dg-teladoc-postTo help members resolve minor medical issues by consulting with a physician, Diversified Group partners with TelaDoc® – the most widely known provider of telephone, email, video or mobile medical consults.

  • When the TelaDoc service is in place, members can consult with a doctor in a variety of ways, from home or on the go…
  • Members are able to connect with a doctor to receive medical advice by phone in as little as 2 minutes
  • Set an appointment that fits your schedule, Monday through Friday
  • Consult with a doctor discreetly by using secure messaging
  • Use a video consult to obtain a diagnosis, treatment plan or prescription

24/7 physician access will give members an easier way to get the medical advice they need. And easier access to medical advice means less waiting and fewer trips to the ER. Talk to Diversified Group about TelaDoc and take control of healthcare costs.