scaleThe thought of a corporate wellness program conjures up visions of apples and scales. The notion that wellness programs are built only to keep weight in check barely scratches the surface of what wellness can do. A well thought-out program takes the health needs of your employee population into consideration, but also envelopes the bigger wellness picture.

Supporting overall wellness is a carefully-orchestrated act that requires regular attention to a variety of topics beyond just diet and exercise. While these things are important, a great wellness program exceeds screening for health issues and takes into consideration the social, financial, spiritual, intellectual and emotional factors that make up overall well-being. Ignoring these and solely focusing on biometrics would be like trying to fix a broken pipe without turning off the water!

Wellness programs are fun!
Engaging activities are a great way to educate and motivate employees to make positive lifestyle changes. Creativity is king in corporate wellness. Delivering information in a meaningful way could utilize table displays, interactive presentations, health fairs and field days, one-on-one health coaching and much more.

Extracurricular activities during the workday improve employee morale and show that the company cares. The result is a happier, more productive and more engaged work force. A company that values employee wellness has a greater ability to attract and retain key employees, enhancing their business overall. Focusing a wellness program where employees need the most help has the potential to lower the cost of healthcare and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism over time.

A truly successful wellness program shifts company culture to a healthier place. It takes cooperation from all parties within the company to instill significant change in wellness culture. Creating a healthy and happy work environment is a daily affair that is within reach with the help of a professional wellness partner.

If starting a wellness program for your company has you scratching your head, call to set up a consultation with Corporate Fitness and Health! What works for one company’s employees may not work for another. Each program is tailored to the needs and budget of the group. Our experienced staff can help determine your company’s needs and develop a unique program designed with your employees in mind.