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Priority Stamp Showing Rush And Urgent ServiceThe State of Connecticut has a hearing tomorrow (March 18th) on Raised Bill SB 479.  If passed, the proposed regulation would:

At a minimum, increase the minimum stop-loss deductible (attachment point per individual) to $45,000. Currently the state minimum is $6,500. This change is a 7 fold increase over the current regulation which would be financially devastating to small business.

Small Business Issue – It is hard enough for employers to provide benefits to their employees. This bill would make it even more difficult for small business in this state to provide top notch affordable health care to their employees by removing a solid option that these employers have been using since the passage of ERISA in 1974.

SB 479 may drastically change health insurance coverage for small and mid-sized employers in this state.

Businesses will be required to pay more medical claims before being covered by stop-loss coverage.

This will increase premiums for employers and employees, limit options and discourage the hiring of new employees.

If this raised bill passes with Section 5 included, Connecticut will then have the most aggressive stop-loss legislation in the Country. Connecticut would then be looked at as a negative outlier on this issue which is clearly unfriendly to small business.

Diversified will be testifying at the hearing tomorrow but we need your help! Please contact your State Representative (Senate and House) ASAP and tell them to remove Section 5 from Senate Bill 479. The hearing is tomorrow, so please act now!

Click here to find your CT Legislator.

For your convenience, we have prepared a sample letter that you can cut, paste and edit on your own letterhead. Please click here to download the letter.

Please feel free to contact your Diversified Sales Representative with questions or comments.

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