Is it Time to Offer a Financial Wellness Benefit?


Studies show that regardless of age, few employees consider financial wellness in terms of retirement, leaving them vulnerable to serious financial difficulties in later years. When surveyed, employees of all ages named “freedom from financial stress and debt, enjoying life and being prepared for emergencies” as their ideal state of financial wellness. While the definition [...]

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Workers Retiring Later


The Society of Actuaries reports that nearly one in five Americans in their early 70s are still working. A big reason cited is that the age at which people can claim full Social Security benefits is currently 66. With actuarial tables showing that a 65-year old male can expect to live an additional 20 years, [...]

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Why employees should max out HSA contributions


The article below was published on September 13, 2017 by Employee Benefit News, written by Robert Lawton. With healthcare open enrollment season quickly approaching, 401(k) plan sponsors may want to spend some time educating participants on the use of health savings accounts. If you offer a high-deductible health plan to your employees, they probably have [...]

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