Fighting Specialty Drug Costs


To help control rising specialty drug costs, the National Business Group on Health has issued a lengthy report including 5 public policy recommendations they hope will educate the marketplace and encourage effective, strategic partnerships. According to NBGH officials, plan design is the key to managing the use of specialty prescriptions as well as the costs. [...]

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Paid Sick Leave Bug Spreading


As if businesses in Illinois don’t have enough concerns, the General Assembly has introduced bills mandating a minimum of five (5) paid sick days per year for Illinois workers. Employees would be able to use the time to care for themselves or a family member, attend a medical appointment for themselves or a family member, [...]

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Why U.S. Health Care Costs Defy Common Sense


The article below was published on June 26, 2017 by CNN, written by Elisabeth Rosenthal. (CNN) – When Jeffrey Kivi’s rheumatologist changed affiliations from one hospital in New York City to another, less than 20 blocks uptown, the price his insurer paid for the outpatient infusion he got about every 6 weeks to control his [...]

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Alexa Has Health Answers


In the race to bring health-related information to your digital world, Amazon is certainly not falling behind. Beginning in early March, Amazon enabled “Alexa” users to obtain answers to medical questions. According to a press release, with help from WebMD, Alexa devices will respond to medical questions with physician-reviewed, medically appropriate answers in plain, understandable [...]

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