Ben Barnes Unplugged


This article was published on December 13, 2018 on CT News Junkie, written by Jack Kramer. Photo Source: CT News Junkie. HARTFORD, CT — Outgoing Office of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes believes two powerful groups — hospitals and municipalities — are the biggest obstacles to Connecticut’s fiscal stability. Barnes made that statement during [...]

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Price Transparency In Medicine Faces Stiff Opposition — From Hospitals And Doctors


The article below was published on July 25, 2017 by Kaiser Health News, written by Rachel Bluth. Photo Source: Kaiser Health News COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two years after it passed unanimously in Ohio’s state Legislature, a law meant to inform patients what health care procedures will cost is in a state of suspended [...]

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Will Bundled Payments Lower Costs?


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) began their initiative to tie payments to quality or value earlier this year by implementing their Comprehensive Care Joint Replacement Model (CJR). The mandatory program holds hospitals accountable for all costs, processes and outcomes associated with hip and knee replacements performed on Medicare patients. Since hip and [...]

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Study Suggests Hospitals Using ‘Chargemaster’ Markups to Maximize Revenue


Article as seen in Johns Hopkins Carey Business School on September 7, 2016 Hospitals’ CT Scan And Anesthesiology Departments On Average Charge More Than 20 Times Their Costs Hospitals on average charged more than 20 times their own costs in 2013 in their CT scan and anesthesiology departments ― suggesting that hospitals strategically use “chargemaster” markups [...]

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Study Quantifies Hospital Price Inflation


Article as seen in HHC Group Newsletter distributed from HHC Group. A new study by Johns Hopkins University concludes that hospitals are taking exorbitant markups, mostly in markets in which they face little or no competition. The researchers found no correlation between price and care quality. Published in the journal “Health”, the study quantifies the [...]

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Some Hospitals Mark Up Prices More Than 1,000 Percent: Study


Article as seen in NBC Connecticut Forty-nine of the 50 hospitals with the highest price markups are for-profit. Twenty of the hospitals in the report are located in Florida Dozens of U.S. hospitals are hiking up healthcare costs more than 1,000 percent – over 10 times the costs allowed by Medicare – and for the [...]

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