It’s OK to Breathe Your Own Air


With summer comes outdoor activities and plenty of fresh air. But really, how fresh is the air we breathe if we’re wearing a mask? When asked this question in a recent Facebook Live event, a specialist in charge of infectious disease at a Midwest-based healthcare system said wearing a mask outside is fine and there’s [...]

It’s OK to Breathe Your Own Air2020-08-20T14:49:21+00:00

Building a Remote Workforce


In mid-March when Discover Financial Services made the decision to put safety first, it meant quickly devising a plan to move 8,000 call center agents from their cubicles in 4 different regional facilities to their homes. Infrastructure services and customer service teams worked 24/7 to develop work-from-home kits consisting of monitors, keyboards and cables, then [...]

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Dress More Casual


Non-technical staffing company Randstad US reports that 79% of employers offer casual, business casual or no dress code at all. Even investment bank Goldman Sachs has reportedly relaxed its dress code in response to the changing nature of workplaces. While most employers are considering increased flexibility to be a welcome benefit, many employees appreciate [...]

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Water and Weight Loss


A study based on several years of data, published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, showed that increasing water consumption by one to three cups a day decreased total calorie intake by between 68 and 205 calories. Intake of sugar and cholesterol were also reduced as a result of drinking more water. [...]

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Who says wellness isn’t worthwhile?


Experience shows that worksite wellness is a big part of every high-quality health plan. We take exception with a recent JAMA study that said wellness simply isn’t working. While we could point out many reasons why their assessment is short-sighted, our main objection is that their viewpoint was based on the assumption that all wellness [...]

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