Updates to the 2021 Summary of Benefits and Coverage


To help consumers compare the different features of health benefits and coverage, the Affordable Care Act requires all group health plans and health insurance companies to provide individuals a “summary of benefits and coverage” that “accurately describes the benefits and coverage under the plan.” The SBC is a snapshot of a health plan’s costs, benefits, [...]

Updates to the 2021 Summary of Benefits and Coverage2020-10-16T14:17:15+00:00

Self-Funding: The Greatest Benefit is Compassion


Ask any member of our team what sets Diversified Group apart and you’ll likely hear about customer service and our promise to always put our client’s health plan and its members first. Seldom have these qualities been more meaningful than during the uncertainty of the past few months. Fortunately, self-funding provides the flexibility employers have [...]

Self-Funding: The Greatest Benefit is Compassion2020-10-01T14:47:56+00:00

What Makes a Health Plan “High Quality”?


A recent survey by a data analytics firm found that benefits objectives often vary based on company size. Results showed that while smaller companies were focused on increasing employee productivity, mid-range employers were more concerned with employee satisfaction levels. Very large employers identified employee health and well-being as their main objective. One interesting finding was [...]

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Cost Increases Outpace Wages


The Kaiser Family Foundation employee health benefits survey for 2019 shows that the cost of annual premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance plans have reached $20,576. While there are differences between small and large employer groups, costs are rising faster than wages for both and average contributions by employees have reached $1,242 for single coverage and [...]

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Are You Paying LESS for Health Insurance Than You Did in 2017?


For Members of a Local Association, the Answer Is YES! Every time we talk with fully-insured employer groups about the advantages of Self-Funding, we emphasize that unlike fixed monthly premiums, Self-Funding offers the potential for savings. When claims are at or below anticipated levels, the savings remains with the plan rather than an insurance company. [...]

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Should Medicare Eligibility Be Expanded?


It’s a Hot Topic and One We’ll Hear More About in the Months Ahead Whether it’s Medicare at 50, a Buy-In Option or Medicare for All, there is little doubt that the debate on expanding Medicare will be a centerpiece issue as the 2020 primary season intensifies. Prior to the Democratic debates, some of these [...]

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Getting Creative Can Attract Talent


With unemployment for college-educated people age 25 and above at just 2.2%, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a jobs market this tight. To attract and retain workers in this environment, growing companies are offering more than just competitive health benefits, and this is especially true for smaller companies forced to compete with [...]

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There’s More to Know About AHPs


Many employers will find it interesting that AHPs will continue to be categorized as MEWAs – Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements. This consideration will make association health plans subject to some state regulations that severely restrict the formation of self-funded MEWAs. Having to comply with the rules of each state will make AHPs more difficult to [...]

There’s More to Know About AHPs2019-01-17T08:00:00+00:00

Small Groups Move to Self-Funding


The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) reports that while the number of mid-sized businesses self-funding their health benefits actually declined slightly during 2015 and 2016, the percentage of smaller employer groups, those with less than 100 employees, increased from 14.2% to 17.4%.

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How a Broken Healthcare System Impacts People’s Lives


As a Third Party Administrator, employers and plan members count on us to make their health benefits work. While that sounds easy enough, it can be anything but easy when ordinary working families are forced to face exorbitant hospital bills. One couple recently found themselves confronted with a very difficult situation when their son needed [...]

How a Broken Healthcare System Impacts People’s Lives2018-04-19T08:00:27+00:00
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