The CARES Act Impact on Employee Benefit Plans


CARES Act Employee Benefit Impact High Deductible Health Plans payment for tele-health. Effective immediately, the CARES Act creates a temporary safe harbor allowing HDHPs to cover telehealth services and other remote care without cost to plan members before plan members’ deductibles are met. This temporary safe harbor applies to all HDHPs, including those with plan members using [...]

The CARES Act Impact on Employee Benefit Plans2020-04-09T18:08:55+00:00

A Q&A on Medicare Part D


When it comes to Medicare Part D, we know you have questions. Luckily, Diversified Group has answers! Below are a few of the frequently asked questions we have received regarding Medicare Part D. How Do I Determine if Our Prescription Plan is Credible or Not? Employers are not required to obtain an attestation by a [...]

A Q&A on Medicare Part D2015-03-13T18:19:54+00:00
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