Zika Virus and Summer Travel


Summer is upon us and with it comes more outdoor activities, more sunscreen and, for some, more travel. What you may not expect summer to bring is the risk of the Zika virus. But, U.S. health officials warn that mosquitos carrying the virus could hit the mainland’s southern borders, starting with Florida and the Gulf [...]

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Drugs Drive Rising Costs


While all treatment costs have risen consistently in the past 2 decades, the pharmaceutical sector has put up some amazing numbers. In 2011 alone, Americans spent an average of $985 per person, approximately twice the amount spent in other developed countries for the same benefit. In 2015, aggregate prescription drug sales in the U.S. totaled [...]

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Corporate Fitness & Health Offers Summer Screening Special – Call Today!


For a limited time only, Corporate Fitness & Health (CF&H) is offering discounted onsite health screenings! Schedule your screening for anytime from now until August 31, 2016 and receive 20% off per person. Screening Includes: A Non-Fasting Finger Stick Test which includes: Total Cholesterol HDL Cholesterol Risk Ratio Glucose Blood Pressure Check Height Weight BMI Body Fat [...]

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Engaging Employees in Health Benefits


Even though this issue also discusses the importance of reaching millennials, it seems an appropriate time to explore this topic from an even broader perspective. Studies like the 2015 Aflac Workforce Report show that more than 7 of 10 employees seldom, if ever, understand what is covered in their healthcare plan. On top of that, [...]

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Walls Closing In On Obamacare Lawlessness


Article written by Grace-Marie Turner and Doug Badger, as seen in Hartfor Business.com on May 23, 2016 The Obama Administration is unlawfully diverting billions of dollars from taxpayers to insurance companies that sell Obamacare policies. That is the conclusion reached in a legal opinion letter released today by former Ambassador and White House Counsel Boyden [...]

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Why Wait for a Physician When You Can Talk With a Physician – 24/7?


To help members resolve minor medical issues by consulting with a physician, Diversified Group partners with TelaDoc® – the most widely known provider of telephone, email, video or mobile medical consults. When the TelaDoc service is in place, members can consult with a doctor in a variety of ways, from home or on the go… [...]

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Does Your Health Plan Need a Physical Exam?


You might wonder why this question at this time of year, but that’s exactly the point. Now that crunch time and the pressure of renewal are behind us, take a deep dive into your health plan to learn where your health care dollars are going. Performing a checkup on your health plan means reviewing data [...]

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Supporting Cancer in the Workplace


An article talking about what one company’s cancer support program hit home recently because unfortunately, far too many of us have been impacted by cancer. At this company, oncology nurses are engaged to help families touched by cancer – from helping patients find providers to obtaining second opinions, facilitating transmission of medical records to educating [...]

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Not-for-profit hospital’s tax exemption case could signal trouble for others


Article is by Lisa Schencker, as seen in Modern Healthcare.com Many not-for-profit hospitals across the country could potentially lose their tax exemption if they became subject to the same type of reasoning that recently led a New Jersey court to erase one hospital's property-tax exemption in that state, experts say. A New Jersey tax court [...]

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What you pay at Yakima hospitals can differ greatly from listed price


Article is by Molly Rosbach, as seen in YakimaHealrd.com Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital has been advertising that its medical charges are dramatically lower than those of its main competitor, Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center. But the ads are misleading because they omit a big piece of the picture when it comes to health care [...]

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