Economies of Scale for Small Businesses


In late June, the Department of Labor introduced final rules on Association Health Plans (AHP), which will allow bonafide associations to offer healthcare plans to member companies. While we had hoped for a different approach to regulating these plans, association health plans will be regulated by states as MEWAs. According to the final rules, an [...]

Economies of Scale for Small Businesses2018-10-04T13:50:34+00:00

Association Health Plans Final Rules Released


On June 19, 2018, the U.S. Department of Labor released the final rule on Association Health Plans (AHPs). The rule seeks to expand health coverage among small employer groups and self-employed individuals. It will make it easier for small business to join together to purchase health insurance without the myriad of regulations individual states and [...]

Association Health Plans Final Rules Released2018-06-22T17:07:08+00:00
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