cancerAn article talking about what one company’s cancer support program hit home recently because unfortunately, far too many of us have been impacted by cancer. At this company, oncology nurses are engaged to help families touched by cancer – from helping patients find providers to obtaining second opinions, facilitating transmission of medical records to educating families about how to talk with children about cancer and more.

At this particular company, when an employee or dependent is diagnosed with cancer, a support team reaches out to establish contact. If an employee needs to be with a critically ill family member, up to two weeks of paid time off is made available. Subsidized in-home back-up adult care is even offered to employees who need to be at work but still serve as a caregiver for a parent or spouse with cancer.

Cancer support can be as easy as providing easy access to screenings, such as mammograms, as a preventive measure. Depending on available resources and the needs of your workforce, a cancer support program could do a lot to improve the well being of your workforce and boost employee retention.