telephone-based-chronic-managementA recently released study, based on claims data from 126,245 members participating in self-insured, employer-sponsored health benefit plans, reflected average annual per member cost savings of $1,157.91 for chronically ill individuals participating in a telephone-based chronic disease management program.

The results of the independent study, recently published in “Population Health Management”, showed 15% average savings in annual healthcare costs with the savings rising as participation in the program increased. Similar results have now been statistically validated in four different studies, conducted since 2006.

According to the Population Health Management Abstract, the impact of the payer-provided telephone based chronic disease management program on medical expenditures was evaluated using claims data from 16,224 members with a chronic disease in a group enrolled in the self-management program vs. 13,509 with a chronic disease in a group not participating in the self-management program.

Results Support Use of Patient Self-Management of Chronic Disease

The results support the use of the patented, population health management process provided by American Health Data Institute (AHDI), which is utilized by Diversified Administration Corporation and other leading TPAs throughout the U.S.

“By partnering with AHDI, Diversified uses motivational coaching and interviewing techniques to help patients develop the skills for disease self-management,” stated Brooks Goodison, President & CEO of Diversified. “We’re pleased to report that this study has once again confirmed that coaching chronic disease patients on self-management can be an effective tool for controlling healthcare expenditures.”

In addition to delivering lower transaction costs, patients receive the coaching service in their home at a time that coincides with their busy schedule. To view a copy of the entire study, go to