dg-realtimechoices-blogDiversified Group offers RealTimeChoices – an app accessible via website or mobile device that allows plan members to shop for and identify fair prices for healthcare services they need. This healthcare cost transparency tool also lets plan members find doctors or providers in their local area who offer that service along with quality ratings and patient reviews.

Putting this kind of control at the fingertips of the consumer gives them the necessary data to make better healthcare decisions. And, it’s not difficult to understand how better decision making can ultimately lead to lower costs – for plans and plan members alike. Recently the Healthcare Bluebook released their return on investment (ROI) statistics in relation to the RealTimeChoices program. Please note that these stats are subject to the client and the level of member engagement, etc.

  • Standard ROI projection is a savings of $1,500 per event
  • Overall savings estimates of 0.5% – 2.5% of total medical spend for clients using rewards

These are savings no one can afford to pass up, so give your plan members the tools they deserve to make the choices they need.

Learn more about RealTimeChoices or contact a Diversified Group Sales Representative at 888-322-2524.