Wellness must be relevant and easily accessible to your employees.

Studies have shown that worksite wellness programs generate anywhere from $1.50 to $6.00 in healthcare savings for every dollar spent. Our worksite wellness subsidiary, Corporate Fitness & Health (CF&H), confirms that the vast majority of clients agree that their program has lowered healthcare costs and contributed to reductions in employee absenteeism and staff turnover as well.

After helping employers design and maintain customized programs for more than 35 years, CF&H knows that when wellness programs are designed with employees in mind, they have a higher rate of success. Stress levels go down and the number of employees learning to make healthier lifestyle choices goes up.

With SHRM reporting that 8 of 10 employers provide preventive wellness information (at a minimum) and 92% of employers of 200 or more offer a program, what is the right way to do wellness?

Experience tells us that in order to design your program around your employees, ask what they might like to accomplish? What is it about wellness that interests them? To connect with as many as possible, consider demographics and health status. How varied are age and fitness levels? What about the incidence of chronic illness? Does potential exist to lower these risk levels?

When you consider these factors, you realize that every company must do wellness differently because every business and every employer group is unique. The important thing is to build a program that makes a positive difference in your employees’ lives. Help your people become healthier and happier and the benefits will follow for years to come.

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