The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our daily lives from stay at home orders to social distancing and we’ve all had to adjust to what is becoming known as the new normal.

One thing that has not changed, however, is Diversified Group’s dedication to patient outreach via case management, pre-certification, disease management, and discharge planning. In the face of COVID-19, we continue to do what our members and plan sponsors have come to expect, such as the planning, processing, and monitoring of the healthcare services given to our members. Our disease management and case management services are continuing uninterrupted and for COVID-19 cases specifically, a unique and separate campaign has been designed to focus on members identified as high risk based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. Our case managers are monitoring daily updates from the CDC and federal health officials and adapting to any specific best practices.

For members currently enrolled in our chronic disease management program:

  • Health Care Navigator Nurses are making focused outbound calls to members who were identified in a high risk category. These calls are intended to assure the member that we are here for them and are available to assist with any questions or concerns;
  • All members, regardless of prior enrollment in the chronic disease management program, with specific conditions identified as high risk by the CDC, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), asthma and diabetes, already have or will be shortly receiving a call from one of our nurses;
  • Our Nurses will help members identify their symptoms.

For members diagnosed with COVID-19, they may self-refer to our Case Management team by calling 1-800-641-3224. This team will assist the member with:

  • Educating the members on lowering the risk of exposure to others;
  • Review any health issues a member might have a concern about;
  • Help address questions and concerns;
  • Provide emotional support;
  • Develop follow up plans until the member is fully recovered.

We have received positive feedback from members who have been contacted by our nurses and have availed themselves of these support services. Although this current campaign specifically targets members impacted directly by the  COVID-19 pandemic, Diversified Group is committed to offering a seamless healthcare experience from start to finish through our medical management programs for all members throughout the year.