Artlice as seen in MyHealthGuide Source: Advanced Medical Strategies (AMS), 4/7/2016,

LYNNFIELD, Mass  — Advanced Medical Strategies (AMS) has announced a major upgrade to the Predict Software Suite, its web-based solution that gives subscribers unprecedented access to clinical, statistical and financial analytics to successfully manage and mitigate the costs associated with catastrophic diagnoses, specialty drugs and implants. The latest enhancements that arrive in v3.0 include a fully-integrated ImplantDx directory, the addition of a Pediatric sub-directory, improved search, a Complications section, Yearly Reasonable Costs for specialty pharma drugs, and crosslinking between directories for diagnoses and their related drug therapies.

predict-logosPeter Borans, president of AMS, “The Predict Software Suite has gained widespread acceptance from all payers who are challenged with evaluating high dollar claims, drugs, and implants, which are often the most opaque of all charges. With this latest release we are continuing our commitment to constant improvement–offering superior data and the very latest information to our subscriber base–resulting in a 100% retention rate. AMS consistently hears how the Predict Software Suite has improved subscribers’ turnaround times, money saved, and precision when processing various claims.”

Brooks Goodison, president of Diversified Group, concurs, saying “Both PredictDx and PredictRx produce results that are dramatic and immediate. PredictDx offers bountiful context around large claimants which helps lower laser exposure or unreasonable increases in stop-loss premiums for our customers. And PredictRx provides our specialty pharmacy nurse case managers with real time, actionable data on what we should expect for reasonable costs for these expensive drugs. PredictDx and Rx deliver positive results for our clients saving them big dollars right away–a win for our customers and a win for our partners.”

What to look for in the v3.0 update:

ImplantDx, the industry-leading implant cost directory, joins PredictDx and PredictRx as a fully integrated component of the Predict Software Suite. ImplantDx provides payers implant pricing which are often inflated on hospital/facility bills yet difficult to prove due to a lack of valid data. ImplantDx delivers an easy to use solution while simultaneously eliminating unsubstantiated and exorbitant third-party vendor fees.

A breakout segment, PediatricDx, has been added to PredictDx, the go-to solution for the costliest medical diagnoses. PediatricDx is a clear and convenient way for users to find facts and figures specifically related to non-Adult diagnoses. Subscribers can access either PediatricDx or the Adult module as a stand-alone component within PredictDx, or both together.

An additional Complications module has also been added into PredictDx. By providing crucial information about a particular diagnosis’ Complications of Disease as well as Complications of Therapies, users are now empowered to get a total picture of a diagnosis and its potential, typically unforeseen, additional costs.

Newly customized navigation bars enable users to search throughout the entire Predict Suite or within specific directories/modules depending on their needs. This feature will also help subscribers easily look up national and state statistics and costs (billed vs contracted payments by network), information on pending investigational therapies and pipeline drugs, or physician commentary on standards of care treatment protocols.

To simplify calculations of specialty pharmacy drugs, PredictRx has been updated with Reasonable Yearly Costs for both adults and non-adults. This is a vital time-saving extension of the already-essential Reasonable Costs for drugs per dose.